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vxSafenet is a powerful network-level parental control solution with built-in content filtering that enables telcos to deliver child-friendly internet to households


vxOPS is an Intelligent pack designing and provisioning platform for telcos


vxAnalytics is our newest product in the telco range and it will help you visualize your data as you have never seen before

We bring in a decade of experience in delivering solutions to the telco sector. 

With a range of product for you to deliver value to your customers both consumer and corporate we believe we can help you run your business with a focus to deliver more value which will in return help you improve your bottom line. 

Check out our telco services product range and details below.

This innovative product, vxSafenet is a powerful network-level parental control platform that allows telecom operators to effectively deliver child-friendly broadband service to households. Using a highly accurate and up-to-date URL database with over 109 million categorized URLs, the vxSafenet has become a must-have platform for telcos to attract ever-growing child users into their network. This 3GPP compliant platform is packed with telco-grade ADC, PCF, OSS, BSS, and Analytics modules and comes with an intuitive mobile application that can be branded for the telecom operator.

vxSafenet has a built-in provisioning engine which can be easily integrated any telecom operator’s BSS/OSS. vxSafenet also comes with an intuitive mobile app that can be customized and branded, and even integrated with your existing selfcare app. We deliver attractive and useful data-controlling features your customers have been waiting for.

Personalized quotas and speed management for a variety of services

Filtering Content Harmful for Children

Parental Control, Social Media Access Management

Malware Detection, and URL Filtering

SafeSearch Enforced for Every Child Connection

Offers Based on Data Usage

Smart Dashboards Updated in Real-Time

Advanced anti-VPN functionality

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