Theekshana’s story begins with a young software developer intent on exploring a challenging new world, one which involved visualizing the possibilities and then making them real, step by step. It’s a skill that has served him well since, in a variety of business ventures.

His journey honed his experience in Data Networking and Telecommunications, as well as Customer Support, Project Management and Business Development, a diversity of fields that have all contributed to his vision for VizuaMatix.

While working with a leading global telecom solutions provider to promote their products and services in the region, he built lasting relationships on a foundation of trust, as he exercised his entrepreneurial temperament in preparation for the missions to come. This drive to build a business then took the form of TSD Technologies.

Theekshana believes in creating perfection, but recognizes the need to explore options, see potential and act to make the most of it, which often involves taking calculated risks. Having represented telco giants, he foresaw the competition and the challenges they would be faced with, and the need for low cost solutions. He also realised that we have the know-how and tech to make that happen in Sri Lanka, and so TSDC Lanka (now known as VizuaMatix) was born, with its sole purpose to develop software locally for clients around the world.

Introducing Sri Lanka’s first MVNO, SimPhony, in partnership with three telecom operators was another undertaking that revealed the country’s potential for adapting to and using new tech, and ignited Theekshana’s passion for using his skills to bring about change.

He took that passion to the public sector as Chairman of the IT Resource Development Institute. There, he streamlined and built the institute’s resource-base for software, support and networking, so it was able to offer services at a lower cost to other organizations, making the institute self-sufficient and capable of operating independent of public funding.

From all these ventures, VizuaMatix evolved, geared to take on big companies in terms of quality and solutions provided. Theekshana envisions us becoming an advance technology company that benefits the consumer and the general public through innovation. With that in mind, he’s put in place all the basics and built a solid plan for the future, exploring new avenues through R&D while maintaining the quality of the existing portfolio.

Chairman / CEO




Tharindu is a geek by definition and has a somewhat unhealthy passion for cutting-edge tech. He’s innovative and not afraid to take risks in approaching new technology. Once we had a requirement for a telecom PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) software. A sane person would have recommended to purchase one from a 3rd party vendor but that is not Tharindu. He said he’d build one and self learned Erlang and made the MVP that evolved into South Asia’s first PCRF, vxPCRF - one of our flagship products.

Since then, Tharindu has come a long way to become the Deputy CEO and the Chief Architect of the company. His passion towards innovation has only been growing just as VizuaMatix has been expanding its territories.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer



As the CTO and a Director of VizuaMatix, Manoj counts for more than 2 decades of international experience in technology management and R&D of leading “telco” companies and enterprises in the US, Europe and Middle East. He has also acquired a wealth of experience from international open source networks and security research communities.

Manoj strongly believes in the importance of technology strategy and innovation towards customer experience which can propel a company to grow exponentially. He has always been interested in the bigger picture and right from the beginning has been involved in analysis and planning.

He is now even more focused on the technology strategy and R&D aspects of the products ensuring VizuaMatix always stays ahead of the game.

Director | Chief Technology Officer


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