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We offer a range of bespoke services in high-end solution engineering. 

No software product fits it all, nor does any software solution provider has everything ready when you need it. This is where we bring in the big guns to engineer a bespoke solution to deliver your exact requirement.

Be it a requirement where you have terabytes of data in your repositories and want to uncover the hidden patterns in them to service your clients better or do the same to boost your capabilities to forecast, or you need someone with expertise in modern tech such as blockchain, deep analytics to do cutting edge R&D to help you reinvent your business processes, or improve your application + system performance to achieve that challenging but essential sub-second response times ... we got you covered. Let's Talk!

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Cloud Infrastructure Development and Management

Microservices Architecture

Building robust scalable microservices architectures that will help clients scale rapidly and maintain cost.

Kubernetes Clusters

Capabilities to build self-managed Kubernetes is one of our deep expertise.

Auto Scale and Auto Healing 

Building intelligence into your applications' cloud infrastructure to deliver high scalability that will deliver a seamless experience to end-users. 

High Performance Computing Solutions 

Analyzing and engineering the sub-second performance for mission-critical applications.

Data Management and Advanced Vizualizations

Hadoop Big Data Solutions

No amount of data is too big for us. We have the capability to build optimized Big Data solutions to cater your requirements. 

Low Latency & No/Low Code Development

Building easily customizable low-code solutions with future extendability in mind. So you can start small and grow as your company & data grows.

Data Lake and Data Pipeline Solutions

Realtime data funneling solutions for your streams of data generated by human interactions or IoT sensor arrays. 

Data Vizualisation

Premium data visualization capabilities built on our own propriety frameworks to enable you a world-class experience without having to worry about additional expensive product or platform licenses. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI Predictive Models

Refined predictive models built with years of number crunching and terabytes of data processing. 

AI Predictive Models

Next Best Offer Prediction

Instant Prediction


  • Loan Prediction for Finance Sector

  • Credit Limit Recommendation

  • Credit Card Offer Recommendation

UI / UX Design & Development

Advanced Prototyping

Application protypying beyond just 

Performance Optimized UI / UX Development

User researched approach to build highly user-friendly UI/UX that deliver pristine end-user experiences while considering optimizing the cost of cloud operations on having a fancy UI/UX. 


Looking for a dynamic & flexible team to build the bespoke solution you need?


Engineering bespoke solutions can be costly at times. Our flexible finance policies can bring in a variety of options to manage and navigate the cost elements to build the right solution for you.

Advanced Tech.

The way we work, their is no tech out there that is too challenging for us. We always try to stay ahead of the game in adopting new technologies. 


We'd like to share the cost of R&D in your bespoke endeavour as we strongly believe in the learnings will add value to our collective knowledge pool that will enrich the company in long run.


Over the years we have build premium capabilities to integrate software products and platforms which can help our clients bring down the overall costs.

No Added Licences

We deliver one platform that can do it all - without needing any additional products or expensive software licences.

End-to-End Solutions

From the point of starting to delivering your expected outcomes - despite any challenge that may come in between we always focus on delivering an end-to-end solution that will help our clients achieve their business goals. 


To build a full-blown bespoke solution we'd obviously need a variety of tech skills. While we in-house has the necessary skills for telco and finance sectors our partner network brings in premium value when needed. 

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