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KPMG Sri Lanka joins hands with VizuaMatix

VizuaMatix and KPMG in Sri Lanka (as the Knowledge Partner) signed a three-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the 30th of March 2021 at the KPMG premises, with the understanding to work together to deliver a state-of-the-art predictive analysis tool for financial risk management which is designed to revolutionize the financial services industry. This tool will assist banks and financial institutions to mine data and make reliable predictions on the associated financial risks when providing and managing loans. This will assist Sri Lankan financial service institutions to follow the suit of global leaders in the industry and move from a security-based lending approach to a risk-based lending approach.

VizuaMatix is a software company that takes a research-oriented approach to develop world-class Enterprise Solutions. The VizuaMatix team goes beyond customer-centricity to anticipate your customers’ needs for a seamless user experience, using Agile methods and unconventional thinking to resolve business challenges quickly.

A member of the KPMG Global network of firms, KPMG in Sri Lanka has been servicing clients for 124 years in the lines of audit, tax and advisory services. Leveraging the global network of firms, KPMG in Sri Lanka continues to provide services with globally accepted standards and state of the art tools and methodologies to help clients steer towards their vision in unprecedented times and dynamic market conditions.

VizuaMatix is a key entity in developing world-class Enterprise Solutions which are used in visualizing and monetizing data using innovative and proven open-source technologies. As a knowledge partner, KPMG in Sri Lanka will support VizuaMatix in their journey by acting as a Knowledge Partner and assisting them in releasing their software to the market while also supporting them in implementing this top of the line solution to prospective customers.

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