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Managing family data usage is a concern for many subscribers today.


What if you had a solution to provide end-users with the ability to effectively manage data usage on their own?

Smart data management is now just a tap away. 


With the vxFreedom Platform, you can optimize data cost and usage with personalized and hierarchical control demanded by personal and corporate users. We deliver attractive and useful data controlling features your customers have been waiting for.

Meet the growing demands of Corporate and Family users
  • Personalized Quota and speed management for different services
  • Improved Quality of Experience during peak times
  • Parental control, Social media management, Malware,  and URL filtration
  • Personalized Hierarchical Group Management
  • Personalized Usage-Based Offers
  • Smart Real-Time Dashboard
  • Identify Data Usage Trends
Features for Single User


Allow users to create and share their own data passes
  • Users are given the freedom to design, purchase and activate data packages which fit their requirements best and share/gift them to acquaintances who use the same network.


AI-driven usage-based offers with Analytics
  • Based on users’ data usage behavior analysis, state-of-the-art Al engine will provide personalized offers.
  • Comprehensive analytics which provide meaningful insights to help marketers and sales personnel to make informed promotional decisions.


Managing service wise data quota and speed
  • Users can increase data speed and quota according to their bandwidth demand. For extra bandwidth, users can simply increase data speeds at a lower cost.


Usage promotions and Speed boosts
  • Offer discounts on data usage or temporary bandwidth boosts on special days (birthdays, anniversaries or any other days considered special) and happy hours on holidays.
Features for Group User (Family/Corporate)


Parental Control – smart management of internet usage


  • Personalized parental control can be added to apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Netflix)
  • Smart hierarchical user group management
  • Personalized quota management on services
  • Smart speed throttling (service-wise, user -wise or both)


Fair Usage Policy
  • Parent/Admin can set daily/weekly/monthly data limits after which the data speeds will automatically be throttled


Free or Sponsored Apps
  • Users can subscribe to certain apps or websites while not getting their overall data usage affected.
  • Provide users with free usage or speed boosts on specific applications.
  • Free usage can be provided for self-care apps of certain institutions.

Eg : self-care apps of banks, music applications or websites


Network Optimizing Features
  • Increase network utilization by offering service-based promotions during off-peak hours

Eg: late-night Netflix offers

  • Offer special packages for off-peak, day & night, weekend & holidays
  • Offer separate data allowances for base plans and add-on purchases.
  • Provide weekend allowances with faster speeds.

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