VizuaMatix, taking the next step in their commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective data visualization and monetization solutions to telecommunication service providers, was among the sponsors of this year’s Policy Control Conference held recently in Berlin.

The annual conference is an exclusive gathering of organizations in the business of creating more effective systems for monitoring and monetizing telecommunications services for a better end-user experience.

The highlights of the 2016 Conference included discussions on a number of interesting topics such as creating added value and customer centric services, using policy management to add intelligence to offload decisions, areas which VizuaMatix has been passionately delving into so as to equip clients for shifts in the future of telco services. This is particularly relevant as end-users of telecom services demand more value from their providers in the face of rising costs.

Being part of this global platform and sponsoring it among big names in the industry such as Oracle, Openet, Nokia, Siemens, and Alepo, among others, was an opportunity for VizuaMatix not only to bring their offering to a larger audience but to benchmark it against other cutting-edge solutions.

Over twelve years of dedicated effort in partnering with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in Sri Lanka and globally, has resulted in VizuaMatix using home-grown talent to develop bespoke solutions for them that are on par with those offered by global players for a much lower investment. The conversion of the newest technology available open source into tailor-made solutions has allowed VizuaMatix to avoid clinging to an outdated technology stack due to sunk costs, and to minimise the cost of their solution to clients.

As a smaller, leaner organization, they have the flexibility to reinvent the game instead of playing by the old rules.

Theekshana Kumara, CEO of VizuaMatix, noted that this readiness to embrace new challenges was an asset when showcasing the company’s big data solutions amongst the giants at the conference, where they made a surprising discovery.