VizuaMatix was among the sponsors of this year’s Policy Control Conference held recently in Berlin, showing its commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective data visualization and monetization solutions to telecommunication service providers.

The annual conference is an exclusive gathering of organizations in the business of creating more effective systems for monitoring and monetizing telecommunications services for a better end-user experience.

The highlights of the 2016 Conference included discussions on a number of interesting topics such as creating added value and customer-centric services, using policy management to add intelligence to offload decisions.

Being part of this global platform and sponsoring it among big names in the industry such as Oracle, Openet, Nokia, Siemens, and Alepo, VizuaMatix aimed to bring their offering to a larger audience and to benchmark it against other cutting-edge solutions.

VizuaMatix CEO Theekshana Kumara noted that this readiness to embrace new challenges was an asset when showcasing the company’s big data solutions amongst the giants at the conference, where they made a surprising discovery:

“We went to the conference with the mind-set that we were going to be a young, never heard of company getting into a game with big players, but sitting at the same table and discussing capabilities, we realised how strong our solutions were, the sophistication of the technology we use, and that gave us more confidence and energy to take it to the next level,” he said.

Source : techadvisor.lk